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  1. Photo of Hiroshi Nishitani

    Hiroshi Nishitani Director and Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Takeshi Narita

    Takeshi Narita Director and Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Mizuki Nishizaka

    Mizuki Nishizaka Executive Producer and Director

  4. Photo of Kensaku Sawada

    Kensaku Sawada Executive Producer and Director

  5. Photo of Yoshihiro Suzuki

    Yoshihiro Suzuki Producer

  6. Photo of Tadashi Makino

    Tadashi Makino Producer

  7. Photo of Hiroyuki Kikuchi

    Hiroyuki Kikuchi Producer

  8. Photo of Yasushi Fukuda

    Yasushi Fukuda Screenplay

  9. Photo of Osho Furuya

    Osho Furuya Screenplay

  10. Photo of Otaro Matsumoto

    Otaro Matsumoto Screenplay

  11. Photo of Keigo Higashino

    Keigo Higashino Screenplay

  12. Photo of Shibasaki Kou

    Shibasaki Kou Cast

  13. Photo of Hiroshi Shinagawa

    Hiroshi Shinagawa Cast

  14. Photo of Kazuki Kitamura

    Kazuki Kitamura Cast

  15. Photo of Ikkei Watanabe

    Ikkei Watanabe Cast

  16. Photo of Miki Maya

    Miki Maya Cast

  17. Photo of Masaharu Fukuyama

    Masaharu Fukuyama Music and Cast

  18. Photo of Yûgo Kanno

    Yûgo Kanno Music