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Gallants Review by Eastern Film Fans

By Eastern Film Fans on July 21, 2011

Director: Derek Kwok & Clement Cheng

Stars: Chen Kuan-Tai, Teddy Robin, Bruce Leung Siu-Lung, Wong Yau-Nam & Chan Wai Man

The Gallants was the winner of the 30th Annual Hong Kong Awards Best Film but will it win your heart.

Wong Yau-Nam plays Cheung a guy who has more misfortune than most and is sent to by his real estate boss to collect the lease on the property owned by martial artists Dragon (Chen Kuan-Tai) and Tiger (Leung Siu-Lung) who have been looking after the teahouse, formally a martial arts dojo called ‘The gate of Law’, for their Sifu Master Law (Teddy Robin).

After Tiger saves Cheung from a group of thugs he is desperate for Tiger to teach him Kung-Fu and sticks around the teahouse in the hope that Dragon or Tiger will take him as a student and maybe turn his misfortunes around.

To add to matters the person that own the land is a former class mate of Cheung’s that he used to beat up at school and he in turn studies under Master Pong (Chan Wai Man) who also has his eyes on ‘The gate of law’.

Throw in some mild love interest between Cheung and Kwai (Jia Xio Chen) and master Pong inviting them to fight in his up and coming tournament and you’ve got the story for the Gallants right there.

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