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  1. Photo of Sabine Gisiger

    Sabine Gisiger Director

  2. Photo of Jörg Sambeth

    Jörg Sambeth Self

  3. Photo of Caroline Sambeth

    Caroline Sambeth Self

  4. Photo of Birgit Sambeth Glasner

    Birgit Sambeth Glasner Self

  5. Photo of Ulrich Sambeth

    Ulrich Sambeth Self

  6. Photo of Roger Dagon

    Roger Dagon Self

  7. Photo of Alberto Moro-Visconti

    Alberto Moro-Visconti Self

  8. Photo of Italo Pasquon

    Italo Pasquon Self

  9. Photo of Ekkehard Sieker

    Ekkehard Sieker Self

  10. Photo of Theo Theofanous

    Theo Theofanous Self

  11. Photo of Reinhard Köcher

    Reinhard Köcher Cinematography

  12. Photo of Helena Vagnières

    Helena Vagnières Cinematography

  13. Photo of Balz Bachmann

    Balz Bachmann Music

  14. Photo of Peter Bräker

    Peter Bräker Music

  15. Photo of Karin Koch

    Karin Koch Producer

  16. Photo of Patrizia Wagner

    Patrizia Wagner Editing