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  1. Photo of Jean Delannoy

    Jean Delannoy Director

  2. Photo of Maurice Dekobra

    Maurice Dekobra Screenplay

  3. Photo of Pierre-Gilles Veber

    Pierre-Gilles Veber Screenplay

  4. Photo of Roger Vitrac

    Roger Vitrac Screenplay

  5. Photo of Sessue Hayakawa

    Sessue Hayakawa Cast

  6. Photo of Mireille Balin

    Mireille Balin Cast

  7. Photo of Henri Guisol

    Henri Guisol Cast

  8. Photo of Erich von Stroheim

    Erich von Stroheim Cast

  9. Photo of Louise Carletti

    Louise Carletti Cast

  10. Photo of Jim Gérald

    Jim Gérald Cast

  11. Photo of Marie Lorain

    Marie Lorain Cast

  12. Photo of Alexandre Mihalesco

    Alexandre Mihalesco Cast

  13. Photo of Etienne Decroux

    Etienne Decroux Cast

  14. Photo of Tsugundo Maki

    Tsugundo Maki Cast

  15. Photo of Georges Lannes

    Georges Lannes Cast

  16. Photo of Roland Toutain

    Roland Toutain Cast

  17. Photo of Nicolas Hayer

    Nicolas Hayer Cinematography

  18. Photo of Louis Wins

    Louis Wins Music

  19. Photo of Adolphe Osso

    Adolphe Osso Producer

  20. Photo of André Paulvé

    André Paulvé Producer

  21. Photo of William Barache

    William Barache Editing

  22. Photo of Jean Mondollot

    Jean Mondollot Editing

  23. Photo of Maurice Menot

    Maurice Menot Sound

  24. Photo of Marcel Ormancey

    Marcel Ormancey Sound