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  1. THE APOLL0's rating of the film Gamer

    At this rate, probably the future; god that'll be fucking horrible.

  2. Ghostman's rating of the film Gamer

    Gamer is a strangely prescient dystopia action satire that seems to be made by Neveldine/Taylor as if they binged watched the films of Tony Scott & Paul Verhoeven while candy flipping, AKA doing both molly & shrooms at once. I was quite pleased although also disturbed that this film is becoming closer to our reality. Gamer is transgressive genre filmmaking at its most kinetic & uncompromising.

  3. dordairobert's rating of the film Gamer

  4. brunolab's rating of the film Gamer

    The concept is interesting and there is a clear attempt at a different stylistic approach for the narrative but I believe it all felt short: despite the extraordinary action scenes, the film was a bit messy and the concept could have been better explored. Hall and Butler's characters lacked some depth and their backstories were not that clear.

  5. f-nanda's rating of the film Gamer

    Nice idea but boring movie.

  6. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film Gamer

    Over-the-top action packed, sexy, and weird but stylized.

  7. yigitpinarbasi's rating of the film Gamer

  8. cas-tro's rating of the film Gamer

  9. Malik's rating of the film Gamer

    Great cyberpunk concept paired with an uninteresting movie.

  10. Junda Mane's rating of the film Gamer

    Solid exploitation from the Crank guys, as always the action is terrific.

  11. cici_tran's rating of the film Gamer

    Michael C. Hall, you are amazing! This movie is sick (in a good way I mean)!

  12. Zachary W's rating of the film Gamer

    Watching Gamer and The Dark Knight back-to-back today really made me appreciate just how dynamic Neveldine/Taylor's work is. Nolan's staid, faux-Mann act, while occasionally exciting, on the whole pales in comparison with the formally daring and experimental kineticism on display here.

  13. Ellis Potter's rating of the film Gamer

    So much going on here. A love letter to exploitation in film while also contributing to the genre itself. Walks the line between parody/seriously statement and its just fun, fun, fun. Made me seek out Crank 2 (which was slightly lacking). GAMER is Neveldine/Taylor's finest film for me. Word.

  14. Danny Indio's rating of the film Gamer

    This movie does what the best sci-fi tend to do... make a poignant commentary on contemporary society. And using action, no less. Slick, directed with verve and the actors throw themselves fully into the roles.

  15. Trevor Tillman's rating of the film Gamer

    Very underrated. There was something kind of powerful and incredibly timely about the juxtaposition of blissful consumer culture with the horrific violence the death-row prisoners are forced to endure, particularly when Logan Lerman's character is shown images of the consequences of his gaming.

  16. FilmFan<3's rating of the film Gamer

    So Godard, Verhoeven, and Miike I guess got together. Did a bunch of Drugs, fucked. Weeks later Verhoeven gave birth to twins (only in their ideals) Neveldine/Taylor. Then Godard and Miike gave the twins a bunch of drugs, and they began their film career

  17. Hunter Duesing's rating of the film Gamer

    GAMER is full of brilliant concepts and ideas that get bogged down in Nevaldine/Taylor's visual pizzazz. Their stylish approach serves the material in the CRANK films, here it more often than not causes their ideas to get lost in the noise. The idea behind the SOCIETY game was more interesting to me than the SLAYERS game that was central to the story, to me, SOCIETY has a more interesting movie in there somewhere.

  18. T.J. Royal's rating of the film Gamer

    Watching this on Blu-Ray made a big difference for it remaining visually coherent. Dunno if that's a praise or a negative critique.... I thought this movie didn't dig into its ideas about control over others, and the potential for economic windfalls from that. But it presented those ideas in a way where I could fill in my own blanks and think about those concepts seriously, and not every "action movie" can say that.

  19. vordven's rating of the film Gamer

  20. Coheed 2.5's rating of the film Gamer

    Link to a review here -

  21. Maxime Archambault-Chapleau's rating of the film Gamer

    very bad, not even it's so bad it's funny... just bad bad.

  22. rado's rating of the film Gamer

    "Gamer" has great skills and is more relevant than "reputable" films, restoring the glory of B-movies.

  23. Jake Cole's rating of the film Gamer

    How can Neveldine/Taylor be so arrhythmic yet maintain such a sense of flow? Less avant-garde in structure than their Crank series, it's also a damn sight more ambitious and winds up one of the most daring commercial projects in recent years.

  24. lisforlace's rating of the film Gamer

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