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  1. Photo of Shigeo Tanaka

    Shigeo Tanaka Director

  2. Photo of Kôjirô Hongô

    Kôjirô Hongô Cast

  3. Photo of Kyôko Enami

    Kyôko Enami Cast

  4. Photo of Yuzo Hayakawa

    Yuzo Hayakawa Cast

  5. Photo of Takuya Fujioka

    Takuya Fujioka Cast

  6. Photo of Koji Fujiyama

    Koji Fujiyama Cast

  7. Photo of Akira Natsuki

    Akira Natsuki Cast

  8. Photo of Yoshiro Kitahara

    Yoshiro Kitahara Cast

  9. Photo of Ichirô Sugai

    Ichirô Sugai Cast

  10. Photo of Bontarô Miyake

    Bontarô Miyake Cast

  11. Photo of Jutarô Hojo

    Jutarô Hojo Cast