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  1. Photo of K. Raghavendra Rao

    K. Raghavendra Rao Director

  2. Photo of Chinni Krishna

    Chinni Krishna Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vishwanath

    Vishwanath Screenplay

  4. Photo of Allu Arjun

    Allu Arjun Cast

  5. Photo of Aditi Agarwal

    Aditi Agarwal Cast

  6. Photo of Suman

    Suman Cast

  7. Photo of Prakash Raj

    Prakash Raj Cast

  8. Photo of Bharani

    Bharani Cast

  9. Photo of Seeta Indrani

    Seeta Indrani Cast

  10. Photo of Pragathi

    Pragathi Cast

  11. Photo of Sakuntala

    Sakuntala Cast

  12. Photo of Brahmanandam

    Brahmanandam Cast

  13. Photo of M.S. Narayana

    M.S. Narayana Cast

  14. Photo of Sunil

    Sunil Cast

  15. Photo of Baby Kavya

    Baby Kavya Cast