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  1. Photo of Sonnie Hale

    Sonnie Hale Director

  2. Photo of Lesser Samuels

    Lesser Samuels Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dwight Taylor

    Dwight Taylor Screenplay

  4. Photo of Glen MacWilliams

    Glen MacWilliams Cinematography

  5. Photo of Al Barnes

    Al Barnes Editing

  6. Photo of Alfred Junge

    Alfred Junge Production Design

  7. Photo of Jessie Matthews

    Jessie Matthews Cast

  8. Photo of Barry MacKay

    Barry MacKay Cast

  9. Photo of Nat Pendleton

    Nat Pendleton Cast

  10. Photo of Alastair Sim

    Alastair Sim Cast

  11. Photo of Olive Blakeney

    Olive Blakeney Cast

  12. Photo of Noel Madison

    Noel Madison Cast

  13. Photo of Patrick Ludlow

    Patrick Ludlow Cast

  14. Photo of Graham Moffatt

    Graham Moffatt Cast

  15. Photo of Danny Green

    Danny Green Cast

  16. Photo of Edmon Ryan

    Edmon Ryan Cast

  17. Photo of Michael Rennie

    Michael Rennie Cast