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  1. Photo of Giovanni Gigliozzi

    Giovanni Gigliozzi Screenplay

  2. Photo of Brunello Maffei

    Brunello Maffei Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vittorio Pescatori

    Vittorio Pescatori Screenplay

  4. Photo of Gian Rocco

    Gian Rocco Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Gino Santini

    Gino Santini Cinematography

  6. Photo of Nicoletta Machiavelli

    Nicoletta Machiavelli Cast

  7. Photo of Claudio Camaso

    Claudio Camaso Cast

  8. Photo of Jasper Zola

    Jasper Zola Cast

  9. Photo of Walter Barnes

    Walter Barnes Cast

  10. Photo of Marisa Solinas

    Marisa Solinas Cast

  11. Photo of Mario Salvatori

    Mario Salvatori Editing

  12. Photo of Giovanni Fusco

    Giovanni Fusco Music

  13. Photo of Gianfranco Plenizio

    Gianfranco Plenizio Music