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  1. Photo of Rudy Soedjarwo

    Rudy Soedjarwo Director

  2. Photo of Salman Aristo

    Salman Aristo Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Emir Mahira

    Emir Mahira Cast

  4. Photo of Maudy Koesnaedi

    Maudy Koesnaedi Cast

  5. Photo of Ramzi

    Ramzi Cast

  6. Photo of Rio Dewanto

    Rio Dewanto Cast

  7. Photo of Aliando Syarief

    Aliando Syarief Cast

  8. Photo of Edi Michael Santoso

    Edi Michael Santoso Cinematography

  9. Photo of Ramondo Gascaro

    Ramondo Gascaro Music

  10. Photo of Bemby Gusti

    Bemby Gusti Music

  11. Photo of Aghi Narottama

    Aghi Narottama Music

  12. Photo of Eric Chooi

    Eric Chooi Editing