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  1. Photo of Louis Bélanger

    Louis Bélanger Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Serge Theriault

    Serge Theriault Cast

  3. Photo of Gilles Renaud

    Gilles Renaud Cast

  4. Photo of Sébastien Delorme

    Sébastien Delorme Cast

  5. Photo of Danny Gilmore

    Danny Gilmore Cast

  6. Photo of Maxime Dumontier

    Maxime Dumontier Cast

  7. Photo of Fanny Mallette

    Fanny Mallette Cast

  8. Photo of Gaston Caron

    Gaston Caron Cast

  9. Photo of Gaston Lepage

    Gaston Lepage Cast

  10. Photo of Daniel Gadouas

    Daniel Gadouas Cast

  11. Photo of Claude Legault

    Claude Legault Cast

  12. Photo of Réal Bossé

    Réal Bossé Cast

  13. Photo of Yves Bélanger

    Yves Bélanger Cast

  14. Photo of Roger Léger

    Roger Léger Cast

  15. Photo of Vincent Bilodeau

    Vincent Bilodeau Cast

  16. Photo of Daniel Brière

    Daniel Brière Cast

  17. Photo of Daniel Rousse

    Daniel Rousse Cast

  18. Photo of Marc Beaupré

    Marc Beaupré Cast

  19. Photo of Emmanuel Bilodeau

    Emmanuel Bilodeau Cast

  20. Photo of Michel Mongeau

    Michel Mongeau Cast

  21. Photo of Emmanuel Charest

    Emmanuel Charest Cast

  22. Photo of Daniel Desjardins

    Daniel Desjardins Cast

  23. Photo of Jean Chouinard

    Jean Chouinard Cast

  24. Photo of Mark Sawatsky

    Mark Sawatsky Cast

  25. Photo of Jean-Pierre St-Louis

    Jean-Pierre St-Louis Cinematography

  26. Photo of Guy Bélanger

    Guy Bélanger Music

  27. Photo of Claude Fradette

    Claude Fradette Music

  28. Photo of André-Line Beauparlant

    André-Line Beauparlant Production Design

  29. Photo of Lorraine Dufour

    Lorraine Dufour Producer and Editing

  30. Photo of Réal Chabot

    Réal Chabot Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Gilles Corbeil

    Gilles Corbeil Sound

  32. Photo of Hans Peter Strobl

    Hans Peter Strobl Sound