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  1. Photo of Nenad Dizdarević

    Nenad Dizdarević Director

  2. Photo of Ivo Andrić

    Ivo Andrić Screenplay

  3. Photo of Vuk Krnjevic

    Vuk Krnjevic Screenplay

  4. Photo of Dusan Janicijevic

    Dusan Janicijevic Cast

  5. Photo of Fahro Konjhodzic

    Fahro Konjhodzic Cast

  6. Photo of Miralem Zupčević

    Miralem Zupčević Cast

  7. Photo of Zaim Muzaferija

    Zaim Muzaferija Cast

  8. Photo of Jadranka Selec

    Jadranka Selec Cast

  9. Photo of Ante Vican

    Ante Vican Cast

  10. Photo of Dušica Žegarac

    Dušica Žegarac Cast

  11. Photo of Milan Gutovic

    Milan Gutovic Cast

  12. Photo of Krunoslav Saric

    Krunoslav Saric Cast

  13. Photo of Pavle Vuisić

    Pavle Vuisić Cast