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  1. Photo of Robert Schindel

    Robert Schindel Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Lukas Stepanik

    Lukas Stepanik Screenplay and Director

  3. Photo of Georg Stefan Troller

    Georg Stefan Troller Screenplay

  4. Photo of Peter Simonischek

    Peter Simonischek Cast

  5. Photo of August Sirner

    August Sirner Cast

  6. Photo of Ruth Rieser

    Ruth Rieser Cast

  7. Photo of August Zirner

    August Zirner Cast

  8. Photo of Katja Weitzenböck

    Katja Weitzenböck Cast

  9. Photo of Daniel Olbrychski

    Daniel Olbrychski Cast

  10. Photo of Corinna Harfouch

    Corinna Harfouch Cast

  11. Photo of Edward Kłosiński

    Edward Kłosiński Cinematography

  12. Photo of Peter Ponger

    Peter Ponger Music

  13. Photo of Niki List

    Niki List Producer

  14. Photo of Hubert Canaval

    Hubert Canaval Editing

  15. Photo of Thomas Schmidt-Gentner

    Thomas Schmidt-Gentner Sound