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  1. shinecatsao's rating of the film General Luna

  2. seyende's rating of the film General Luna

    Certainly a film with a clear historico-political message, although one could say this burning partiality is essentially a requirement of the genre. Tarog manages to accuse his countrymen via this stylized biopic of the Filipino poet-general--yet while doing so, Tarog himself introduces a layer of poetic beauty through his interpretation of the general's unconditional conviction and sacrifice.

  3. Patrick John's rating of the film General Luna

    It's a cultural phenomenon to Philippine cinema but not that kind of a big deal since they are still so many underrated Filipino films out there. Also did little to cinema in general but John Arcilla's still awesome. I've also met the director once.

  4. these cupcakes are stale's rating of the film General Luna

    Why do we always hire the worst white actors