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  1. Photo of Takashi Sorimachi

    Takashi Sorimachi Cast

  2. Photo of Rei Kikukawa

    Rei Kikukawa Cast

  3. Photo of Mayumi Wakamura

    Mayumi Wakamura Cast

  4. Photo of Ken'ichi Matsuyama

    Ken'ichi Matsuyama Cast

  5. Photo of Yoshihiko Hakamada

    Yoshihiko Hakamada Cast

  6. Photo of Eugene Nomura

    Eugene Nomura Cast

  7. Photo of Yusuke Hirayama

    Yusuke Hirayama Cast

  8. Photo of Naoki Hosaka

    Naoki Hosaka Cast

  9. Photo of Ryo Karato

    Ryo Karato Cast

  10. Photo of Shinichirô Sawai

    Shinichirô Sawai Director

  11. Photo of Tarô Iwashiro

    Tarô Iwashiro Music

  12. Photo of Yonezo Maeda

    Yonezo Maeda Cinematography

  13. Photo of Akimasa Kawashima

    Akimasa Kawashima Editing

  14. Photo of Takehiro Nakajima

    Takehiro Nakajima Screenplay

  15. Photo of Shoichi Maruyama

    Shoichi Maruyama Screenplay

  16. Photo of Go Ara

    Go Ara Cast

  17. Photo of Koyuki

    Koyuki Cast

  18. Photo of Sosuke Ikematsu

    Sosuke Ikematsu Cast