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  1. Photo of Shûkô Murase

    Shûkô Murase Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Project Itoh

    Project Itoh Novel

  3. Photo of Yûki Kaji

    Yûki Kaji Cast

  4. Photo of Yuuichi Nakamura

    Yuuichi Nakamura Cast

  5. Photo of Takahiro Sakurai

    Takahiro Sakurai Cast

  6. Photo of Akio Ôtsuka

    Akio Ôtsuka Cast

  7. Photo of Kaito Ishikawa

    Kaito Ishikawa Cast

  8. Photo of Sanae Kobayashi

    Sanae Kobayashi Cast

  9. Photo of Satoshi Mikami

    Satoshi Mikami Cast

  10. Photo of Kousuke Nakanishi

    Kousuke Nakanishi Cinematography

  11. Photo of Kazuhiro Yamada

    Kazuhiro Yamada Cinematography

  12. Photo of Yoshihiro Ike

    Yoshihiro Ike Music

  13. Photo of Shinji Aramaki

    Shinji Aramaki Production Design

  14. Photo of Noriyuki Jinguji

    Noriyuki Jinguji Production Design

  15. Photo of Masaki Yamada

    Masaki Yamada Production Design

  16. Photo of Kimitoshi Yamane

    Kimitoshi Yamane Production Design

  17. Photo of Koji Yamamoto

    Koji Yamamoto Producer