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  1. Photo of Joan Plowright

    Joan Plowright Cast

  2. Photo of Patrick Swayze

    Patrick Swayze Cast

  3. Photo of Michael Clarke Duncan

    Michael Clarke Duncan Cast

  4. Photo of Piper Perabo

    Piper Perabo Cast

  5. Photo of James Purefoy

    James Purefoy Cast

  6. Photo of Bill Treacher

    Bill Treacher Cast

  7. Photo of Tom Reeve

    Tom Reeve Director, Screenplay

  8. Photo of Adam Betteridge

    Adam Betteridge Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Michael Burks

    Michael Burks Executive Producer, Screenplay

  10. Photo of Frank Hübner

    Frank Hübner Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Omar Kaczmarczyk

    Omar Kaczmarczyk Executive Producer

  12. Photo of Alex Marshall

    Alex Marshall Executive Producer

  13. Photo of David Rogers

    David Rogers Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Jeremy Saunders

    Jeremy Saunders Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Steven Saxton

    Steven Saxton Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Todd Moyer

    Todd Moyer Producer

  17. Photo of Gast Waltzing

    Gast Waltzing Music

  18. Photo of Joost van Starrenburg

    Joost van Starrenburg Cinematography

  19. Photo of Misch Bervard

    Misch Bervard Editing

  20. Photo of Jonathan P. Shaw

    Jonathan P. Shaw Editing

  21. Photo of Peter Powis

    Peter Powis Production Design

  22. Photo of Paul Freeman

    Paul Freeman Cast

  23. Photo of Rollo Weeks

    Rollo Weeks Cast

  24. Photo of Val Kilmer

    Val Kilmer Cast