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  1. Photo of Michèle Rosier

    Michèle Rosier Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Anne Wiazemsky

    Anne Wiazemsky Cast

  3. Photo of Alain Libolt

    Alain Libolt Cast

  4. Photo of Denis Gunsbourg

    Denis Gunsbourg Cast

  5. Photo of Geneviève Mnich

    Geneviève Mnich Cast

  6. Photo of Jean-Gabriel Nordmann

    Jean-Gabriel Nordmann Cast

  7. Photo of Claude Fagel

    Claude Fagel Cast

  8. Photo of Bulle Ogier

    Bulle Ogier Cast

  9. Photo of Gilles Deleuze

    Gilles Deleuze Cast

  10. Photo of Roger Planchon

    Roger Planchon Cast

  11. Photo of Yves Rénier

    Yves Rénier Cast

  12. Photo of Jean-Michel Ribes

    Jean-Michel Ribes Cast

  13. Photo of Pierre Kalinovski

    Pierre Kalinovski Cast

  14. Photo of Jean-Pierre Kalfon

    Jean-Pierre Kalfon Cast

  15. Photo of Michèle Simonnet

    Michèle Simonnet Cast

  16. Photo of Bernard Waver

    Bernard Waver Cast

  17. Photo of Catherine Sola

    Catherine Sola Cast

  18. Photo of Armand Marco

    Armand Marco Cinematography

  19. Photo of Jean-Jacques Debout

    Jean-Jacques Debout Music

  20. Photo of Mal Waldron

    Mal Waldron Music

  21. Photo of Jean-Pierre Bamberger

    Jean-Pierre Bamberger Producer

  22. Photo of Suzanne Baron

    Suzanne Baron Editing

  23. Photo of Bernard Ortion

    Bernard Ortion Sound

  24. Photo of Gilles Ortion

    Gilles Ortion Sound

  25. Photo of Marie-Claude Altot

    Marie-Claude Altot Costume Design

  26. Photo of Corinne Bricaire

    Corinne Bricaire Costume Design

  27. Photo of Geneviève Tonnelier

    Geneviève Tonnelier Costume Design