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  1. Photo of Dirk Wilutzky

    Dirk Wilutzky Producer

  2. Photo of Verena Rahmig

    Verena Rahmig Producer

  3. Photo of Hans Weingartner

    Hans Weingartner Director and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Wolfgang Becker

    Wolfgang Becker Director and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Angela Schanelec

    Angela Schanelec Director and Screenplay

  6. Photo of Hans Steinbichler

    Hans Steinbichler Director and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Martin Gressmann

    Martin Gressmann Director

  8. Photo of Fatih Akin

    Fatih Akin Screenplay and Director

  9. Photo of Sylke Enders

    Sylke Enders Screenplay and Director

  10. Photo of Jan Ole Gerster

    Jan Ole Gerster Screenplay

  11. Photo of Christoph Hochhäusler

    Christoph Hochhäusler Screenplay and Director

  12. Photo of Romuald Karmakar

    Romuald Karmakar Screenplay, Director Editing

  13. Photo of Nicolette Krebitz

    Nicolette Krebitz Screenplay and Director

  14. Photo of Isabelle Stever

    Isabelle Stever Screenplay and Director

  15. Photo of Tom Tykwer

    Tom Tykwer Producer, Music, Director Screenplay

  16. Photo of Reinhold Heil

    Reinhold Heil Music

  17. Photo of Johnny Klimek

    Johnny Klimek Music

  18. Photo of Niki Reiser

    Niki Reiser Music

  19. Photo of Frank Griebe

    Frank Griebe Cinematography

  20. Photo of Bella Halben

    Bella Halben Cinematography

  21. Photo of Jürgen Jürges

    Jürgen Jürges Cinematography

  22. Photo of Bernhard Keller

    Bernhard Keller Cinematography

  23. Photo of Rainer Klausmann

    Rainer Klausmann Cinematography

  24. Photo of Carl-Friedrich Koschnick

    Carl-Friedrich Koschnick Cinematography

  25. Photo of Patrick Orth

    Patrick Orth Cinematography

  26. Photo of Bernadette Paaßen

    Bernadette Paaßen Cinematography

  27. Photo of Rali Raltschev

    Rali Raltschev Cinematography

  28. Photo of Kai Rostásy

    Kai Rostásy Cinematography

  29. Photo of Reinhold Vorschneider

    Reinhold Vorschneider Cinematography

  30. Photo of Inigo Westmeier

    Inigo Westmeier Cinematography

  31. Photo of Peter R. Adam

    Peter R. Adam Editing

  32. Photo of Andrew Bird

    Andrew Bird Editing

  33. Photo of Bettina Böhler

    Bettina Böhler Editing

  34. Photo of Mathilde Bonnefoy

    Mathilde Bonnefoy Editing

  35. Photo of Nick Brinkmann

    Nick Brinkmann Editing

  36. Photo of Anja Conrad

    Anja Conrad Editing

  37. Photo of Katja Dringenberg

    Katja Dringenberg Editing

  38. Photo of Anne Jünemann

    Anne Jünemann Editing

  39. Photo of Dietmar Kraus

    Dietmar Kraus Editing

  40. Photo of Oliver Neumann

    Oliver Neumann Editing

  41. Photo of Dirk Oetelshoven

    Dirk Oetelshoven Editing

  42. Photo of Johannes Weuthen

    Johannes Weuthen Editing

  43. Photo of Uwe Bohm

    Uwe Bohm Cast

  44. Photo of Benno Fürmann

    Benno Fürmann Cast

  45. Photo of Dominik Graf

    Dominik Graf Cast, Screenplay Director

  46. Photo of Jeanette Hain

    Jeanette Hain Cast

  47. Photo of Andreas Höfer

    Andreas Höfer Cast

  48. Photo of Sandra Hüller

    Sandra Hüller Cast

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