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  1. Photo of Lothar Lambert

    Lothar Lambert Screenplay, Director Editing

  2. Photo of Karlheinz Freynik

    Karlheinz Freynik Screenplay

  3. Photo of Uwe Strümpell

    Uwe Strümpell Screenplay

  4. Photo of Axel Lutter

    Axel Lutter Cast

  5. Photo of Ulli Kinalzik

    Ulli Kinalzik Cast

  6. Photo of Anita Mickl

    Anita Mickl Cast

  7. Photo of Friedrich Schoenfelder

    Friedrich Schoenfelder Cast

  8. Photo of Günter Meisner

    Günter Meisner Cast

  9. Photo of Dorothea Moritz

    Dorothea Moritz Cast

  10. Photo of Imke Barnstedt

    Imke Barnstedt Cast

  11. Photo of Ulrike Schirm

    Ulrike Schirm Cast

  12. Photo of Stefan Menche

    Stefan Menche Cast

  13. Photo of Jutta Klöppel

    Jutta Klöppel Cast

  14. Photo of Ursula Diestel

    Ursula Diestel Cast

  15. Photo of Albert Heins

    Albert Heins Cast

  16. Photo of Beate Hasenau

    Beate Hasenau Cast

  17. Photo of Eva Lissa

    Eva Lissa Cast

  18. Photo of Eberhard Prüter

    Eberhard Prüter Cast

  19. Photo of Udo Schenk

    Udo Schenk Cast

  20. Photo of Renate Bauer

    Renate Bauer Cast

  21. Photo of Izzet Akay

    Izzet Akay Cinematography

  22. Photo of Michael Tötter

    Michael Tötter Cinematography

  23. Photo of Slavko Hitrov

    Slavko Hitrov Sound

  24. Photo of Joachim Lorenz

    Joachim Lorenz Sound