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  1. Photo of Stephen Kay

    Stephen Kay Director

  2. Photo of Ashok Amritraj

    Ashok Amritraj Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Steve Bing

    Steve Bing Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Don Carmody

    Don Carmody Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Bill Gerber

    Bill Gerber Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Arthur Silver

    Arthur Silver Executive Producer

  7. Photo of Andrew Stevens

    Andrew Stevens Executive Producer

  8. Photo of Mark Canton

    Mark Canton Producer

  9. Photo of Neil Canton

    Neil Canton Producer

  10. Photo of Elie Samaha

    Elie Samaha Producer

  11. Photo of David McKenna

    David McKenna Screenplay

  12. Photo of Ted Lewis

    Ted Lewis Screenplay

  13. Photo of Mauro Fiore

    Mauro Fiore Cinematography

  14. Photo of Sylvester Stallone

    Sylvester Stallone Cast

  15. Photo of Miranda Richardson

    Miranda Richardson Cast

  16. Photo of Rachael Leigh Cook

    Rachael Leigh Cook Cast

  17. Photo of Rhona Mitra

    Rhona Mitra Cast

  18. Photo of Johnny Strong

    Johnny Strong Cast

  19. Photo of John C. McGinley

    John C. McGinley Cast

  20. Photo of Alan Cumming

    Alan Cumming Cast

  21. Photo of Michael Caine

    Michael Caine Cast

  22. Photo of John Cassini

    John Cassini Cast

  23. Photo of Mickey Rourke

    Mickey Rourke Cast

  24. Photo of Mark Boone Junior

    Mark Boone Junior Cast

  25. Photo of Gerald B. Greenberg

    Gerald B. Greenberg Editing

  26. Photo of Charles Wood

    Charles Wood Production Design

  27. Photo of Tyler Bates

    Tyler Bates Music

  28. Photo of Julie Weiss

    Julie Weiss Costume Design