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  1. Photo of Monty Tiwa

    Monty Tiwa Director

  2. Photo of Cassandra Massardi

    Cassandra Massardi Screenplay

  3. Photo of H.M. Din Syamsuddin

    H.M. Din Syamsuddin Screenplay

  4. Photo of Nirina Zubir

    Nirina Zubir Cast

  5. Photo of Fedi Nuril

    Fedi Nuril Cast

  6. Photo of Aming Sugandhi

    Aming Sugandhi Cast

  7. Photo of Ringgo Agus Rahman

    Ringgo Agus Rahman Cast

  8. Photo of Deddy Mahendra Desta

    Deddy Mahendra Desta Cast

  9. Photo of Meriam Bellina

    Meriam Bellina Cast

  10. Photo of Jaja Mihardja

    Jaja Mihardja Cast

  11. Photo of Ira Wibowo

    Ira Wibowo Cast

  12. Photo of Ratna Riantiarno

    Ratna Riantiarno Cast

  13. Photo of Barry Prima

    Barry Prima Cast

  14. Photo of Kimberly Ryder

    Kimberly Ryder Cast

  15. Photo of Billy W. Polli

    Billy W. Polli Cast

  16. Photo of Subarkah

    Subarkah Cast

  17. Photo of Titi Dwijayati

    Titi Dwijayati Cast

  18. Photo of Hanung Bramantyo

    Hanung Bramantyo Cast

  19. Photo of Raffi Ahmad

    Raffi Ahmad Cast

  20. Photo of Dwi Sasono

    Dwi Sasono Cast

  21. Photo of Gading Marten

    Gading Marten Cast

  22. Photo of Candil

    Candil Cast

  23. Photo of Migi Parahita

    Migi Parahita Cast

  24. Photo of Sadha Triyudha

    Sadha Triyudha Cast

  25. Photo of Bona Paputungan

    Bona Paputungan Cast

  26. Photo of Mpok Nori

    Mpok Nori Cast

  27. Photo of Wembri Arlistha

    Wembri Arlistha Cast

  28. Photo of Higin Ayugha

    Higin Ayugha Cast

  29. Photo of Arie Dagienkz

    Arie Dagienkz Cast

  30. Photo of Rollie Markiano

    Rollie Markiano Cinematography

  31. Photo of Slank

    Slank Music

  32. Photo of Chand Parvez Servia

    Chand Parvez Servia Producer

  33. Photo of Fiaz Servia

    Fiaz Servia Executive Producer

  34. Photo of Cesa David Luckmansyah

    Cesa David Luckmansyah Editing

  35. Photo of Benny Tubalawony

    Benny Tubalawony Editing