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  1. Jake Davis's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    "Well, boys and girls. To the untrained eye it looks as if crime pays, doesn't it? But bear in mind, for guys with my particular set of karmic could-be's, there was bound to be a bump or two down the road. Ah, what the hell. I'm going to enjoy what's left of the summer.."

  2. tommy cruise's rating of the film Get the Gringo

  3. Jacob Bearchum's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    Gibson's terrific in this, I really wish the direction was strong enough to support him. Tonally all over the place. The script seems to be going for dark humor ala Shane Black, but the direction plays many of those moments too straight and the film suffers for it. Despite pacing/rhythm issues, it's otherwise enjoyable.

  4. J.J. 'Jake' Gittes's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    Question: Is M. Gibson a "persona non grata" for some people? Answer: Shit, yes! Q.: Did Gibson produce some terrible "faux pas"? A.: Oh yes, he did. Q.: Does he become a bad actor or bad director, because he behaves like an asshole? A.: No. If S. Peckinpah or C. Bronson would be looking down from heaven they would applaud both Gibson & Gruenberg for "Get the Gringo". Clap your hands. It doesn't hurt to pay tribute.

  5. msmichel's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    Gibson's personal challenges in being a human being helped keep this picture out of theatres and that is unfortunate. 'Get the Gringo' puts Gibson firmly back in 'Payback' mode with a tale of a criminal with a big score who finds himself buried in a Mexican prison ruled over by a mafioso style inmate. He finds himself get involved with a single mother and her child with incendiary but predictable results. Enjoyable.

  6. rado's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    The cut from torture to the blood-red luxury car (consequences!) elevates an already solid, fun, brutal crime-action film to a great one.

  7. commonwastrel's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    Gibson seems to be having a fun time with such easy material, but unfortunately the plot outstays its welcome in the first half hour. With the hope of a well-structured narrative dashed pretty quickly(if you were expecting anything of the sort), the audience is left with slow-motion shootouts and.....well, that's really about it.

  8. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    "where have you learnt to speak english" - "Sesame Street."

  9. NoOneJones's rating of the film Get the Gringo

  10. Duncan Gray's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    This is what Mel Gibson sees when he goes to sleep at night. 1 star.

  11. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    After all the bad Press and the rotten The Beaver this is a welcome return to some form for Gibson

  12. oemamizm's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    penampilan Mel Gibson setelah absen sekian lama. Tidak mengecewakan.

  13. As'ad's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    Pretty good film with swift and involving direction and no ounce of fat. Doesn't take itself too seriously, though isn't without (non-sentimental) emotional involvement which keeps the film from being a cold, but deftly executed genre exercise, with convincing twists and turns done with wit and verve. Could do without the snarky voice-over though which would elevate it to 4 stars for me.

  14. Christopher A. Cook's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    I forgot I watched this, which may say more about myself than the movie, but I'm not sure about that.

  15. HKFanatic's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    I went into this with zero expectations, considering that the film skipped theaters and Mel Gibson hasn't exactly had the greatest track record as of late, but "Get the Gringo" turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Despite a low-budget feel, this is a gritty and unapologetic genre flick that perfectly utilizes Mel's tough guy persona. Now part of me wishes Mel was in the driver's seat for "Mad Max 4."

  16. rorydean's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    Classic Gibson gives weight to fallen hero in hell, forages for food and salvation, makes remarkable use of quiet, life of crime and public misdemeanors cannot shake talent. Set aside your beef, enjoy this modern fable, bad guys do come out on sometimes because we all fall and need to get up again. Gibson's character work nowhere better, reminds us he's damn good at what he does and he's as flawed as the rest of us.

  17. _Lilith_'s rating of the film Get the Gringo

    How could anyone buy that Clint Eastwood impersonation?

  18. Glim Ho's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    好像又看了一遍pay back一样,精彩

  19. Palmat's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    A smashing return to form for Gibson doing what he does best. His character bears more than a few shades of Porter from Payback, but that does not matter since Gibsons undeniable charisma really shines through. The script might be derivative but director Grunberg knows how to make it work better than it should. Top marks also goes out to the outlandish prison set where everything happens. Pure genious!

  20. Max the Movie Guy's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    Strongly characterised, stylishly shot and even better written than Payback, this movie shows that even though it wasn't he who said it, after having a disturbing phone call with his ex and trying to calm himself down with a hand puppet, it's official that Mel Gibson's never too old for this sh*t.

  21. thedudeabides's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    The scene with Mel Gibson impersonating Clint Eastwood is brilliant. Good action movie, it is curious to note the influence of Sam Peckinpah at "El Pueblito".

  22. Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Get the Gringo

    Probably Gibson's best film in a while. The fact that it is getting an exclusive VOD run on DirecTV says that the public (a) can't take him seriously and/or has lost a lot of respect for him and (b) his films just don't gross like they use to ("The Beaver" and "Edge of Darkness" upon recent failures).