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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Gholam

    Oh Iranians. Such big drama queens and their fetish to die a martir. Gotta give it to them!

  2. Levi Miah's rating of the film Gholam

    Quiet, out-of-body kitchen sink thriller. When its story fails to engage, its audio-visual portrait of London sticks out. Showing not only the social and cultural aspects, Tabrizian perfectly evokes the lighting, sounds, architecture and even the unexpected weather changes. The final scene is pretty visceral.

  3. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Gholam

    A great central performance and intriguing details teased out while the slight story unfolds make this a fine thriller that also spends a lot of time looking at displaced identity and different cultural attitudes.

  4. Harry's rating of the film Gholam

    More under the surface than what lies on top in a film that seems to enjoy revealing less than it knows. Some very nice framing but for a film based on a photography series the lighting and general visuals go awry now and then. A very subtle yet interesting performance from Shahab Hosseini but all of the white cast members were awful.

  5. Ash's rating of the film Gholam

    3.5* Definitely a slow burner. The script could have been a bit tidier and delivery of some of the actors were amateurish. Some aspect of the story were outlandish but overall as the story goes on it improves. Shahab Hossein delivers a great nuance performance, and if you are not familiar with his work treat yourself to "A separation" or "The Salesman" by Asgar Farhadi. I look forward to Mitra Tabrizian's next film

  6. Superfrog's rating of the film Gholam

    Really well done, a director that knows when not showing something is better than showing it, how much needs to be told while never falling into incomprehensible mystery. The characters are all so real ( except for the blonde lady who is a bit over the top) that it will still be worth a watch if the film devices do not work on you as well as they worked on me.

  7. mark's rating of the film Gholam

    Looks like a great film but subtitles unreadable for the most part. Had to stop watching, sorry!

  8. Cristian Necsulescu's rating of the film Gholam

  9. Le Samourai Noir's rating of the film Gholam

    Mitra Tabrizian, a photographer-turned-director, has done a great job as the director and it is fair to say that Gholam is full of beautiful stills, and you will enjoy each and every one of the shots; The story was a cliche - so I thought the ending would be awful; Nevertheless the ending was good; A few phony acts may bother you, but Hosseini has done a great job as the protagonist; So it's not a bad film to watch.

  10. Squizz's rating of the film Gholam

    Tense, riveting look at the gritty world of London's immigrants population. Hosseini is fantastic as the title character and Tabrizian's directorial debut is accomplished.

  11. afsoon1's rating of the film Gholam

    Engaging, real and full of emotions.

  12. Al Green's rating of the film Gholam

    A great central performance which casts light on the marginalised immigrant in London. The traumas of his past are etched on his face as is the resignation to his situation. The film is spoilt somewhat but the London thugs that weren't very believable. It was interesting to watch on a personal level as the film's locations literally follow everywhere I have lived since I was a child.

  13. Babak Jani's rating of the film Gholam

    It is patchy and unsettled. Seems being done with a person who has a good knowledge of film history, but it doesn't work as a collective! Lots of references to other films but as a whole, it is not accomplished well. The dialogues are really bad; both in English and Farsi. Lovely sound design though! I guess it was the best point of the film. And also the title suits the film really well! But that is all! Not happy!!

  14. Brenda Jobling's rating of the film Gholam

    Excellent, believable performances depicting how little room there is for a decent character in his way of life. By staying true to himself he almost chooses his way to the inevitable ending. Bren

  15. Shane Ewen's rating of the film Gholam

    Excellent ghostly film set on the margins of London & the Iranian diaspora. Taxi Driver meets Taxi Tehran

  16. Ally's rating of the film Gholam

    A film grounded in its evocation of exile lives in abeyance, scuffling on the margins of the service economy with family ties and obligations stretched and strained. The portrayals of those outside the exile group are less sure-footed, tending to stereotype. “Taxi Driver” is a reference point, though here the protagonist maintains a passivity in his dealings, which bring on the final moment.

  17. Andy Lambert's rating of the film Gholam

    Slow burn London-set thriller about an Iranian cab driver who is approached by some fellow Iranians about a mysterious mission. One-part Iranian new wave, one-part Jean-Pierre Melville, with a touch of Taxi Driver and even a little Fassbinder, this is a mesmerising and immersive debut film by acclaimed photographer Mitra Tabrizian.