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  1. Photo of Atsuko Tanaka

    Atsuko Tanaka Cast

  2. Photo of Akio Ôtsuka

    Akio Ôtsuka Cast

  3. Photo of Kôichi Yamadera

    Kôichi Yamadera Cast

  4. Photo of Yutaka Nakano

    Yutaka Nakano Cast

  5. Photo of Mamoru Oshii

    Mamoru Oshii Director

  6. Photo of Kazunori Itô

    Kazunori Itô Screenplay

  7. Photo of Hisao Shirai

    Hisao Shirai Cinematography

  8. Photo of Mitsuhisa Ishikawa

    Mitsuhisa Ishikawa Producer

  9. Photo of Masamune Shirow

    Masamune Shirow Screenplay

  10. Photo of Ken Iyadomi

    Ken Iyadomi Producer

  11. Photo of Ken Matsumoto

    Ken Matsumoto Producer

  12. Photo of Yoshimasa Mizuo

    Yoshimasa Mizuo Producer

  13. Photo of Shigeru Watanabe

    Shigeru Watanabe Producer