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  1. Photo of Mark Neveldine

    Mark Neveldine Director

  2. Photo of Brian Taylor

    Brian Taylor Director

  3. Photo of Scott M. Gimple

    Scott M. Gimple Screenplay

  4. Photo of Nicolas Cage

    Nicolas Cage Cast

  5. Photo of Idris Elba

    Idris Elba Cast

  6. Photo of Ciarán Hinds

    Ciarán Hinds Cast

  7. Photo of Christopher Lambert

    Christopher Lambert Cast

  8. Photo of Violante Placido

    Violante Placido Cast

  9. Photo of Johnny Whitworth

    Johnny Whitworth Cast

  10. Photo of Ashok Amritraj

    Ashok Amritraj Producer

  11. Photo of Avi Arad

    Avi Arad Producer

  12. Photo of Michael De Luca

    Michael De Luca Producer

  13. Photo of David S. Goyer

    David S. Goyer Executive Producer, Screenplay

  14. Photo of Mark Steven Johnson

    Mark Steven Johnson Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Steven Paul

    Steven Paul Producer

  16. Photo of E. Bennett Walsh

    E. Bennett Walsh Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Brandon Trost

    Brandon Trost Cinematography

  18. Photo of Brian Berdan

    Brian Berdan Editing

  19. Photo of Anthony Head

    Anthony Head Cast

  20. Photo of Vincent Regan

    Vincent Regan Cast