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  1. Photo of Asger Leth

    Asger Leth Director, Cinematography, Production Design Screenplay

  2. Photo of Winson '2Pac' Jean

    Winson '2Pac' Jean Cast

  3. Photo of Wyclef Jean

    Wyclef Jean Cast, Executive Producer Music

  4. Photo of James 'Bily' Petit Frère

    James 'Bily' Petit Frère Cast

  5. Photo of Éleonore 'Lele' Senlis

    Éleonore 'Lele' Senlis Cast

  6. Photo of Frederik Jacobi

    Frederik Jacobi Cinematography

  7. Photo of Milos Loncarevic

    Milos Loncarevic Cinematography and Director

  8. Photo of Jerry 'Wonder' Duplessis

    Jerry 'Wonder' Duplessis Music and Executive Producer

  9. Photo of Mikael Chr. Rieks

    Mikael Chr. Rieks Producer

  10. Photo of Tomas Radoor

    Tomas Radoor Producer

  11. Photo of Seth Kanegis

    Seth Kanegis Producer and Executive Producer

  12. Photo of George Hickenlooper

    George Hickenlooper Executive Producer

  13. Photo of Jørgen Leth

    Jørgen Leth Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Kim Magnusson

    Kim Magnusson Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Cary Woods

    Cary Woods Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Adam Nielsen

    Adam Nielsen Editing