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  1. Photo of Sonny Chiba

    Sonny Chiba Cast

  2. Photo of Jun Eto

    Jun Eto Cast

  3. Photo of Toshitaka Ito

    Toshitaka Ito Cast

  4. Photo of Haruki Kadokawa

    Haruki Kadokawa Cast

  5. Photo of Hiroshi Kamayatsu

    Hiroshi Kamayatsu Cast

  6. Photo of Kenzo Kawarazaki

    Kenzo Kawarazaki Cast

  7. Photo of Asao Koike

    Asao Koike Cast

  8. Photo of Kentaro Kudo

    Kentaro Kudo Cast

  9. Photo of Ko Kuraishi

    Ko Kuraishi Cast

  10. Photo of Masao Kusakari

    Masao Kusakari Cast

  11. Photo of Isao Natsuyagi

    Isao Natsuyagi Cast

  12. Photo of Hiromitsu Suzuki

    Hiromitsu Suzuki Cast

  13. Photo of Kamayatsu Monsieur

    Kamayatsu Monsieur Cast

  14. Photo of Eiji Suzuki

    Eiji Suzuki Cast

  15. Photo of Isao Kuraishi

    Isao Kuraishi Cast

  16. Photo of Mitsumasa Saito

    Mitsumasa Saito Director