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  1. Diego Ruscitto's rating of the film Giallo

    This can't be the same guy who made Suspiria, Deep Red and Tenebre.

  2. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Giallo

    ce film ne ressemble plus a DARIO ARGENTO, que se passe t-il ? manque d'inspiration !..

  3. Howard Orr's rating of the film Giallo

    Well, that was disappointing.

  4. AdrianM.'s rating of the film Giallo

    although i was expecting a little bit worse, i still can't give it more than 1 star since i didn;t find any of the elements that made his films so great

  5. Michel Tabbal's rating of the film Giallo

    décevant. Dario revient...

  6. Graham Duncan Hill's rating of the film Giallo

    One only needs to see Adrien Brody try to act to see why the producers didn't pay him his full fee. I'm never one to follow popular opinion but what the hell was this? Bad acting, seriously bad writing, cookie cutter film score, and complete lack of style. I made a huge mistake watching this right after Profondo Rosso.

  7. Clarissa's rating of the film Giallo

    worst Argento movie ever!

  8. Jason Callen's rating of the film Giallo

    Not a giallo film at all, so don't get your hopes up for some kind of return for Argento. This is a predictable, lazy, wasteful insult to all his fans. You can quit now Dario, this was embarrassing.

  9. Clarissa Najera's rating of the film Giallo

  10. Matt's rating of the film Giallo

  11. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Giallo

    The title would suggest that Dario Argento is returning to the classic genre he helped create, but instead it's just another bland, uninspired slasher movie with a moronic plot and phoned-in performances. Yet another sad reminder that Argento is decades from the brilliant filmmaker he once was.

  12. Morty's rating of the film Giallo

    I almost gave this 3 stars. Why? This is not a bad film, even if it lacks his old style. Yes, it seems a little uninspired. But Argento seems to be doing something new, more of the self-parody.and even a touch of "the finger" to his old fans. Adrien Brody does a nice underplayed policeman, for me the main problem was Emmanuelle Seigner. But in the end, modern giallo is not my cup of tea.

  13. hastapura's rating of the film Giallo

    Tremendously dull, even with the absurd decision to have Brody sleepwalk through two roles. Could have been shat out by any director-for-hire - but from Argento, who made his name on flights of cinematographic fancy, it's a goddamn shame.

  14. Pierluigi Puccini's rating of the film Giallo

    self plagiarism only worked for Hitchcock.

  15. trondjo's rating of the film Giallo

    Why do you bother, Dario Argento? An uninspired work by a former genre master and personal favorite. "Giallo" is sadly lacking in creativity and originality, which is a shame for a filmmaker who has his career built on creative camera work, original plot twists and memorable murder scenes. This one is nothing but a mess, starring Adrian Broody who seems like he is sleepwalking through the film. Terribly boring.

  16. vordven's rating of the film Giallo

  17. MODERNGRUMBLE's rating of the film Giallo

    Despite how much everyone seems to hate mother of tears, I preferred it to this by the numbers bore although the ending is pretty good and brody was fun to watch ham it up.

  18. Matt Pritchard's rating of the film Giallo

    Saw this at the world premiere at Edinburgh, great fun, intriguing enough plot, a great homage to the Master's earlier work. Hope it gets a release so I can watch it again on the big screen.

  19. Scout Tafoya's rating of the film Giallo

    A most satisfying pastiche of the man's work even if it doesn't approach his best stylistically. A far cry from Inferno but it's also world's better than The Third Mother, too, so I quite liked it.