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  1. Photo of Paul Wendkos

    Paul Wendkos Director

  2. Photo of Jerry Bresler

    Jerry Bresler Producer

  3. Photo of Enzo Barboni

    Enzo Barboni Cinematography

  4. Photo of Robert J. Bronner

    Robert J. Bronner Cinematography

  5. Photo of James Darren

    James Darren Cast

  6. Photo of Jessie Royce Landis

    Jessie Royce Landis Cast

  7. Photo of Cesare Danova

    Cesare Danova Cast

  8. Photo of Danielle De Metz

    Danielle De Metz Cast

  9. Photo of Cindy Carol

    Cindy Carol Cast

  10. Photo of William A. Lyon

    William A. Lyon Editing

  11. Photo of John Williams

    John Williams Music

  12. Photo of Pat Barto

    Pat Barto Costume Design

  13. Photo of Ruth Brooks Flippen

    Ruth Brooks Flippen Screenplay

  14. Photo of Katherine Albert

    Katherine Albert Screenplay

  15. Photo of Dale Eunson

    Dale Eunson Screenplay

  16. Photo of Joby Baker

    Joby Baker Cast

  17. Photo of Trudi Ames

    Trudi Ames Cast

  18. Photo of Noreen Corcoran

    Noreen Corcoran Cast

  19. Photo of Peter Brooks

    Peter Brooks Cast

  20. Photo of Lisa Gastoni

    Lisa Gastoni Cast

  21. Photo of Claudio Gora

    Claudio Gora Cast

  22. Photo of Don Porter

    Don Porter Cast

  23. Photo of Jeff Donnell

    Jeff Donnell Cast

  24. Photo of Robert Peterson

    Robert Peterson Production Design

  25. Photo of Antonio Sarzi-Braga

    Antonio Sarzi-Braga Production Design

  26. Photo of Ferdinando Ruffo

    Ferdinando Ruffo Production Design