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  1. Alexine Chanel's rating of the film Gigante

    gigantically sweet love story!

  2. Epinephrin's rating of the film Gigante

    He should be the good guy. But he is a stalker. A good stalker. It is shyness, but the guy slowly developed an obsession for tht lady, and this film could have easily been turned into a horror thriller movie. But there is not. There is calmness, and shyness from both sides, and a lot of melancholy trapped in a body of a "giant". Biniez creates some great "normal" everyday portraits. Though Medianeras is way better.

  3. Nicolai's rating of the film Gigante

    3.5 "what a cute big bear"

  4. nein's rating of the film Gigante

  5. kopfkompass's rating of the film Gigante

    Stalking war niemals schrulliger & zärtlicher.

  6. Cosgrove's rating of the film Gigante

    This is my first Uruguayan movie, and I'd say it was a positive experience. I don't go for downplayed drama much anymore, but I was taken in by this one's charm. The premise is simple, and the acting and the cinematography are very natural, which helps pull you through the creepier aspects of the setup to connect with the main character and his plight. I was rooting for him in the end. Very sweet film.

  7. mpho3's rating of the film Gigante

    This tickled me so! (though it'd be rather creepy in real life). Camandule's performance is a tour de force, but there is one other element I found equally satisfying - the cinematography. There were some really fantastic shots in Gigante, which make me wonder if Arauco Hernández Holz has a background in still photography.

  8. David R Williams's rating of the film Gigante

    A sweet little film about a stalker security guard and his furtively observed object of desire. Horacio Camandule is perfect as the metal loving behemoth man-child. Despite the light-hearted approach, the subject matter itself lends much of this a tinge of creep that thankfully is dissipated by the warm sandy ending.

  9. Dan's rating of the film Gigante

    The film begins about as slowly as Jara's life. But as it progresses we became more interested in Jara's actions, lonely life and his shy approach to love. While a good part of the film is spent viewing the scenes from the a blue-hued computer monitor, the lively scenes in between work shifts are entertaining and vibrant enough to make up for it. I would recommend watching this unique film.

  10. 5000yearoldbogmummy//Rhett's rating of the film Gigante

    Charming addition to the genre of surveillance films. I found the story and characters strong and interesting, and the film had a heartfelt warmth. Of course, ymmv when it comes to the stalking element, understandably. The most notable element of this film, for me, is the brilliance of its colors. It can be hard to capture the muted, swirling technicolors of contemporary life, but Gigante does it beautifully.

  11. Landen Celano's rating of the film Gigante

    Fell in love with this immediately. Its irreverent tone makes it a fun, brisk watch despite its tricky subject matter. But it leaves all pretense at the door. Super funny.

  12. Alex's rating of the film Gigante

    This is not the first spanish film I've seen with a pop sensibility that holds its integrity (art integrity). Though many independant films aren't trying to be or even considered art films, many of them could learn a lot from this film.

  13. Nunox's rating of the film Gigante

    If your girlfriend is not too fond of Mubi, she will love this one. It's the most tasteful love story I've ever seen. Minimalist humor, great prodution design and editing. 4.5

  14. rcrespin's rating of the film Gigante

    Delightful!! Great Character that kept me intrigued throughout. Really dig these simple character driven stories. As we watch Jara observe the world through surveillance it felt like we were also surveilling Jara during his daily routines. Great little film.

  15. Kyle Keymaram's rating of the film Gigante

  16. Ruiz Buñuel's rating of the film Gigante

    Making a stalker romance based on surveillance is not necessarily a bad idea and the execution is close to flawless, but the story can only give you so much.

  17. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Gigante

    First of all, it's not stalking, it's research. Second of all, it's not stalking if it's true love. Just ask the French.

  18. El Biffo's rating of the film Gigante

    YOU ARE UNDER SURVEILLANCE. You are being watched, at work, at the cash register, when you are at your computer. Because you are a potential criminal. Perhaps you question the sanctity of corporate property, or the authority of the corporate state, or the validity of laws made by the rich to govern the poor. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you are being watched and all your communications and keystrokes recorded.

  19. saitosouta's rating of the film Gigante

    Last sequence sucks. what, YOU WHAT.

  20. Guido Fierlbeck's rating of the film Gigante

  21. @danracine's rating of the film Gigante

    Il y a eu la bête, il y a eu Kong, il y a désormais aussi Jara.

  22. Michael Harbour's rating of the film Gigante

  23. Marcio Teixeira De Mello's rating of the film Gigante

  24. Pedja's rating of the film Gigante