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  1. Photo of Leo Mur

    Leo Mur Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of A. V. Bıxovski

    A. V. Bıxovski Screenplay

  3. Photo of Sidqi Ruhulla

    Sidqi Ruhulla Cast

  4. Photo of S. A. Makuxina

    S. A. Makuxina Cast

  5. Photo of Latif Safarov

    Latif Safarov Cast

  6. Photo of Georgi Parisaşvili

    Georgi Parisaşvili Cast

  7. Photo of Ağarza Quliyev

    Ağarza Quliyev Cast

  8. Photo of Ahsanullah

    Ahsanullah Cast

  9. Photo of A. I. Bazirganov

    A. I. Bazirganov Cast

  10. Photo of Z. D. Tsıs

    Z. D. Tsıs Cast

  11. Photo of Qasim Zeynalov

    Qasim Zeynalov Cast

  12. Photo of A. A. Qlinski

    A. A. Qlinski Cast

  13. Photo of V. M. Korolyov

    V. M. Korolyov Cast

  14. Photo of Mirseyfaddin Kirmanşahlı

    Mirseyfaddin Kirmanşahlı Cast

  15. Photo of A. Aleksandrovski

    A. Aleksandrovski Cast

  16. Photo of Ivan Frolov

    Ivan Frolov Cinematography

  17. Photo of Aleksandr S. Qonçarski

    Aleksandr S. Qonçarski Production Design