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  1. Photo of Mike Nichols

    Mike Nichols Director

  2. Photo of Barbara Burns

    Barbara Burns Producer

  3. Photo of Ron Delsener

    Ron Delsener Producer

  4. Photo of Lorne Michaels

    Lorne Michaels Producer and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Anne Beatts

    Anne Beatts Screenplay

  6. Photo of Marilyn Suzanne Miller

    Marilyn Suzanne Miller Screenplay

  7. Photo of Michael O' Donoghue

    Michael O' Donoghue Screenplay

  8. Photo of Rosie Shuster

    Rosie Shuster Screenplay

  9. Photo of Alan Zweibel

    Alan Zweibel Screenplay

  10. Photo of Ted Churchill

    Ted Churchill Cinematography

  11. Photo of Gilda Radner

    Gilda Radner Cast

  12. Photo of Don Novello

    Don Novello Cast and Screenplay

  13. Photo of Paul Shaffer

    Paul Shaffer Cast, Music Screenplay

  14. Photo of Nils Nichols

    Nils Nichols Cast

  15. Photo of G.E. Smith

    G.E. Smith Cast

  16. Photo of Ellen Hovde

    Ellen Hovde Editing

  17. Photo of Lynzee Klingman

    Lynzee Klingman Editing

  18. Photo of Muffie Meyer

    Muffie Meyer Editing

  19. Photo of Marvin Hamlisch

    Marvin Hamlisch Music

  20. Photo of Cheryl Hardwick

    Cheryl Hardwick Music

  21. Photo of Michael O’Donoghue

    Michael O’Donoghue Music