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  1. Photo of Thommy Berggren

    Thommy Berggren Cast

  2. Photo of Mona Seilitz

    Mona Seilitz Cast

  3. Photo of Willie Andréason

    Willie Andréason Cast

  4. Photo of Lars-Levi Læstadius

    Lars-Levi Læstadius Cast

  5. Photo of Henry Olhans

    Henry Olhans Cast

  6. Photo of Rainer Mieth

    Rainer Mieth Cast

  7. Photo of Julie Bernby

    Julie Bernby Cast

  8. Photo of John Olsson

    John Olsson Cinematography

  9. Photo of Björn Isfält

    Björn Isfält Music

  10. Photo of Kalle Boman

    Kalle Boman Producer and Editing

  11. Photo of Göran Lindgren

    Göran Lindgren Producer

  12. Photo of Roy Andersson

    Roy Andersson Editing, Director Screenplay

  13. Photo of Tommy Persson

    Tommy Persson Sound

  14. Photo of Owe Svensson

    Owe Svensson Sound