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  1. KateBusher97's rating of the film Giliap

    Watched this more than a year ago now and still think about it every so often, when standing out side coffee and a smoke, lying in bed alone, this is my life.

  2. letters never sent's rating of the film Giliap

    I feel I would understand more of Roy Andersson's films if I were fluent in Swedish and understood all the nuances that come with the Swedish culture.

  3. knockkneed's rating of the film Giliap

    The beach scene is beautifully Bressonian

  4. Joks's rating of the film Giliap

    This is one of those 'almost' films to me. It's almost great but not quite. Whether it was due to creative interference or a lack of experience, Andersson's 'Giliap' never truly impresses in the way it promises to. It's often regarded as a transitional effort, and that is certainly true--he was not in full command of his emerging style here--but it's worth a look for fans of his later work.

  5. tsienni's rating of the film Giliap

    Roy Andersson Retrospektive @filmfestmunich 2011 My fav (what's generally considered his 'failure' film) is this one.

  6. Jeremy Ashlyn's rating of the film Giliap

    Very, very good. I mean very.

  7. Rui Tenreiro's rating of the film Giliap

    Underrated. Has a great, calm pace.

  8. Andrew Birch's rating of the film Giliap

    There are more than a few moments in Giliap that strike me as strong precursors to the cinematic approach Bela Tarr would later perfect. I wonder if Tarr happened to see this one, back in 75.