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  1. Photo of David Maysles

    David Maysles Director

  2. Photo of Albert Maysles

    Albert Maysles Director

  3. Photo of Charlotte Zwerin

    Charlotte Zwerin Director

  4. Photo of Mick Jagger

    Mick Jagger Self

  5. Photo of Keith Richards

    Keith Richards Self

  6. Photo of Mick Taylor

    Mick Taylor Self

  7. Photo of Charlie Watts

    Charlie Watts Self

  8. Photo of Bill Wyman

    Bill Wyman Self

  9. Photo of Tina Turner

    Tina Turner Self

  10. Photo of Ike Turner

    Ike Turner Self

  11. Photo of Grace Slick

    Grace Slick Self

  12. Photo of Ellen Giffard

    Ellen Giffard Editing

  13. Photo of Robert Farren

    Robert Farren Editing

  14. Photo of Joanne Burke

    Joanne Burke Editing

  15. Photo of Kent McKinney

    Kent McKinney Editing

  16. Photo of Mirra Bank

    Mirra Bank Editing

  17. Photo of Susan Steinberg

    Susan Steinberg Editing

  18. Photo of Janet Lauretano

    Janet Lauretano Editing

  19. Photo of Michael Becker

    Michael Becker Sound

  20. Photo of John Brumbaugh

    John Brumbaugh Sound

  21. Photo of Howard Chesley

    Howard Chesley Sound

  22. Photo of Pepper Crawford

    Pepper Crawford Sound

  23. Photo of Stanley Cronquist

    Stanley Cronquist Sound

  24. Photo of Paul Deason

    Paul Deason Sound

  25. Photo of Tom Goodwin

    Tom Goodwin Sound

  26. Photo of Peter Pilafin

    Peter Pilafin Sound

  27. Photo of Orly Lindgren

    Orly Lindgren Sound

  28. Photo of Walter Murch

    Walter Murch Sound

  29. Photo of Art Rochester

    Art Rochester Sound

  30. Photo of David Thompson

    David Thompson Sound

  31. Photo of Nelson Stoll

    Nelson Stoll Sound

  32. Photo of Alvin Tokunow

    Alvin Tokunow Sound