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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Ginza Cosmetics

  2. nessmj's rating of the film Ginza Cosmetics

    first Naruse. an older woman faces strict adherence to a culture's appearances and ekes out a meager existence in a similar manner as a man to whom she is indebted. her unbending schema of the world preventing much forward motion for her, stuck in time.

  3. jchandleroc's rating of the film Ginza Cosmetics

    This film highlights the quietly devastating in-between moments that account for most of the life of an aging bar hostess. Nothing particularly riveting occurs in the several days we spend with her, but that is exactly the point. It is the fate of some to be disappointed and, ultimately, to live and die in relative obscurity with only the contributions to the lives of loved ones to redeem a hopeless existence.

  4. kit duckworth's rating of the film Ginza Cosmetics

    compared to his later geisha & bar hostess films this one comes up short. something missing at its center and pales compared to flowing, late chrysanthemums, and when a woman ascends the stairs. still worth watching

  5. ASHES IN THE HOURGLASS's rating of the film Ginza Cosmetics

    Seemingly divided in two halves. The first which establishes the day to day tasks of the main character while the second, which is signaled by the sudden use of music which contrasts the quiet first half, puts a twist and analyses her daily actions through the introduction of a new character. The very critical view held against males is shown to be just as true of the geishas who tell people want they want to hear.

  6. Lumière's rating of the film Ginza Cosmetics

    Naruse was one of the best at explicating the thoughts and emotions of his characters with the most minute gestures and expressions, and this film is just another example of it. It's also another in the line of films about aging women at a crossroads in their lives about men and money. Those who love When a Woman Ascends the Stairs will surely like this one, as it deals with similar issues. Kinuyo Tanaka is terrific.

  7. Karl J. Kipling's rating of the film Ginza Cosmetics

    Most of the first half of the film is set in Naruse's favored territory: mournful little bars in Ginza struggling to stay afloat. One can almost smell the stale cigarette smoke and cheap booze in the air. All the elements are here: the bitter clawing for a few yen; the quiet desperation and drunken self-pity; the impossibility of salvation. Why is it that this director's bleak films are so often so moving?

  8. Adam Suraf's rating of the film Ginza Cosmetics

    Early 50's Naruse Toho effort, a mix between his early and later stylistics, and a showcase for Kinuyo Tanaka as a capable geisha raising a young son, making little money at a struggling nightclub.