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  1. Photo of Michele Massimo Tarantini

    Michele Massimo Tarantini Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Tito Carpi

    Tito Carpi Screenplay

  3. Photo of Francesco Milizia

    Francesco Milizia Screenplay

  4. Photo of Nadia Cassini

    Nadia Cassini Cast

  5. Photo of Carmen Russo

    Carmen Russo Cast

  6. Photo of Olinka Hardiman

    Olinka Hardiman Cast

  7. Photo of Michele Gammino

    Michele Gammino Cast

  8. Photo of Sergio Leonardi

    Sergio Leonardi Cast

  9. Photo of Lucio Montanaro

    Lucio Montanaro Cast

  10. Photo of Gianni Ciardo

    Gianni Ciardo Cast

  11. Photo of Ugo Fangareggi

    Ugo Fangareggi Cast

  12. Photo of Gianfranco Barra

    Gianfranco Barra Cast

  13. Photo of Franco Diogene

    Franco Diogene Cast

  14. Photo of Nino Terzo

    Nino Terzo Cast

  15. Photo of Adriana Facchetti

    Adriana Facchetti Cast

  16. Photo of Gianfranco D'Angelo

    Gianfranco D'Angelo Cast

  17. Photo of Nello Pazzafini

    Nello Pazzafini Cast

  18. Photo of Alessandra Canale

    Alessandra Canale Cast

  19. Photo of Carla Gravina

    Carla Gravina Cast

  20. Photo of Giuseppe Pinori

    Giuseppe Pinori Cinematography

  21. Photo of Fabio Frizzi

    Fabio Frizzi Music

  22. Photo of Mario Ambrosino

    Mario Ambrosino Production Design and Costume Design

  23. Photo of Luigi Borghese

    Luigi Borghese Producer

  24. Photo of Eugenio Alabiso

    Eugenio Alabiso Editing