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  1. Hugo Bonjour's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    Visually very striking and it has a nice flow, but I got somehow lost in the way the narrative was delivered towards the end. It has a sense of awkwardness that I don't mid, but it feels unpolished. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it.

  2. Eufrasia Erika's rating of the film Girl Asleep

  3. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    Disappointment, i expected a lot more. Wes Anderson style (or rip off...) + That '70s Show + The Mighty Boosh grotesque and nonsense, all for a failure result for me. A coming of age quite boring (pace issue, & too much nonsense scenes) and forcing too much on originality in the end.

  4. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    "If it's for me, don't answer it." Matthew Whittet, as Greta's short-shorted, corn-witted dad, totally steals the show from Matthew Whittet, screenwriter. And Harrison Feldman is a pleasure to watch, despite being made to shoulder more than his share of the film's charming but well short of sure-fire whimsy. When Greta finally sleeps down a rabbit hole, the resultant fantasy, never un-neat, undercuts GA's strengths.

  5. Katie McBryde's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    it was pretty good until near the ending.

  6. Daniel Roque's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    The best Wes Anderson movie, not made by Wes Anderson. The colouring details in cinematography are outstanding, it's a delight for the eyes.

  7. rksw's rating of the film Girl Asleep

  8. Henrique Amud's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    Even if it looks like (and is) a pastiche of Wes Anderson, Jared Hess and Belle & Sebastian, it mostly works for its leads earnest deliveries and fun visuals. But it is kinda amateurish and though that in itself makes it more charming, it also feels a bit undercooked. That said, it is still an impressive debut by Rosemary Myers.

  9. Marco Pierrard's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    7/10 Greta Driscoll s'apprête à fêter sans grand enthousiasme ses 15 ans. Mémorable, cet anniversaire mouvementé va propulser l'adolescente introvertie dans un univers parallèle. Comédie acidulée et inventive, Fantastic birthday analyse avec finesse et malice les affres de l'adolescence. Chronique à lire sur Citazine :

  10. Miguel Antunes's rating of the film Girl Asleep

  11. Leroy Martin's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    very cute but very forgettable

  12. MATTEO BITTANTI's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    It starts like a cross between Napoleon Dynamite and Rushmore, then it turns into Alice in Wonderland featuring Natasha Khan from Bat for Lashes. Best dance scene of the year.

  13. saitosouta's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    I'm fallen love with this jubilantly awkward, meticulously cute coming-of-age film, oh so cute my heart could melt.

  14. jxn's rating of the film Girl Asleep

  15. bjuvani's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    The Wes Anderson comparisons are unavoidable, but it's like if he did Rushmore and added his own spin on Pan's Labyrinth, with guest appearances by Old Greg, SBTRKT, and Amy Poehler's Australian twin.

  16. Renton47's rating of the film Girl Asleep

    Initially totally on board with the compositional efforts on screen, esp. that opening shot which introduces the aspect ratio and distinct framing, only to feel slightly betrayed by its shift into full surrealism. The shift embraces some half-defined symbolism for finding your own song, ironically by aping the likes of 'Mighty Boosh', and the film never reaches the heights of that dance scene just prior to crisis.