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  1. Photo of Miki Sugimoto

    Miki Sugimoto Cast

  2. Photo of Misuzu Oota

    Misuzu Oota Cast

  3. Photo of Rena Ichinose

    Rena Ichinose Cast

  4. Photo of Jun Midorikawa

    Jun Midorikawa Cast

  5. Photo of Rika Sudo

    Rika Sudo Cast

  6. Photo of Noribumi Suzuki

    Noribumi Suzuki Director and Screenplay

  7. Photo of Takayuki Minagawa

    Takayuki Minagawa Screenplay

  8. Photo of Kiyohide Ohara

    Kiyohide Ohara Screenplay

  9. Photo of Emi Jo

    Emi Jo Cast

  10. Photo of Kanji Amao

    Kanji Amao Producer

  11. Photo of Masao Yagi

    Masao Yagi Music

  12. Photo of Toshio Masuda

    Toshio Masuda Cinematography

  13. Photo of Kozo Horiike

    Kozo Horiike Editing

  14. Photo of Yoshimitsu Amamori

    Yoshimitsu Amamori Production Design