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  1. Pauline's rating of the film Girl Model

  2. jana_om's rating of the film Girl Model

    “The concept of Noah was simple. Just like Noah saved all the animals, I'm trying to save all these young girls.” And Ashley is a real psycho.

  3. Carlos Filipe Freitas's rating of the film Girl Model

    "indie" documentary. Review and rating:

  4. Cynthia's rating of the film Girl Model

    the film itself is well made and the characters interesting & complex. but after reading several interviews w/ the filmmakers, specif. about their relationship w/ ashley the scout, i can't help but think they were trying to protect her image.. not make her seem like too much of an exploitative scumbag. but she is. & i lose respect for them.

  5. Corinne's rating of the film Girl Model

    Where do I get one of those golden haired tumors?

  6. cammy's rating of the film Girl Model

    Days later and I'm still thinking about what happens with those casting photos.

  7. Nick Navarra's rating of the film Girl Model

    Very moving, Its great to see the dark side of the business since all the public is exposed to is the glitz and the glamour!

  8. Maar's rating of the film Girl Model

    disturbing + that girl Ashley is fucken CRAZY. I will suffer PTSP for a lifetime.

  9. Pierre's rating of the film Girl Model

    Sharing Sofia Coppola's concern for independent young girls adrift in foreign environments, the filmmakers find palpable pathos in the disconcerting experiences of these two models, who are thrust into something way beyond their years. A great companion piece to Sara Ziff's Picture Me on the subtle and unseen abuses so commonplace in the industry. Unfortunately, for many, this will all be business as usual.

  10. Shira Lev's rating of the film Girl Model

    Heartbreaking, eerie and disturbing, it'll make your stomach twitch and turn. It's done very subtly, yet it sinks in (also, the soundtrack is genius). It's similar to Requiem For A Dream in the way it first presents a dream-like reality, then slowly pushing the people in it into the abyss, only Girl Model is reality and not just a film.

  11. Matt Richards's rating of the film Girl Model

    A fascinating, haunting and at times heartbreaking look at the sketchy world of teen modelling. It tracks the sourcing of underaged, desperate girls from countries like Russia that are then shopped to foreign niche markets often leaving the models with nothing but debt. It also gently hints at the darker places some of these modelling portfolios end up.Recommended 4 stars