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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Nikyatu's rating of the film Girls Against Boys

    Stylistically lovely. Amazing faces. Horrible acting.

  2. Westley's rating of the film Girls Against Boys

    Cool movie. One could say it's a film about bad relationships... Anyway, while the plot is for the most part quite straight-forward, what really sets the film apart is the style and the tone. The cinematography is great and the sound design, in particular, really adds another dimension to the film. If you're looking for an exploitation film that's a little more sophisticated than usual then this is the film to see.

  3. Paul Agusta's rating of the film Girls Against Boys

    an extremely engaging coming-of-age film meets neo-noir. Very stylistic and character driven. I loved it. I don't like the title nor the official poster. Those two things make this film seem like a gory female exploitation slasher which is everything this film is not.