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  1. Photo of Wolfgang Glück

    Wolfgang Glück Director

  2. Photo of Hellmut Andics

    Hellmut Andics Screenplay

  3. Photo of August Rieger

    August Rieger Screenplay

  4. Photo of Kai Fischer

    Kai Fischer Cast

  5. Photo of Gerlinde Locker

    Gerlinde Locker Cast

  6. Photo of Sieghardt Rupp

    Sieghardt Rupp Cast

  7. Photo of Jimmy Makulis

    Jimmy Makulis Cast

  8. Photo of Rolf Kutschera

    Rolf Kutschera Cast

  9. Photo of Wolf Albach-Retty

    Wolf Albach-Retty Cast

  10. Photo of Rolf Olsen

    Rolf Olsen Cast

  11. Photo of Walter Tuch

    Walter Tuch Cinematography

  12. Photo of Gilbert Bécaud

    Gilbert Bécaud Music

  13. Photo of Sten Clift

    Sten Clift Music

  14. Photo of Klaus Ogermann

    Klaus Ogermann Music

  15. Photo of Dámaso Pérez Prado

    Dámaso Pérez Prado Music

  16. Photo of Ursula Norkus

    Ursula Norkus Editing