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Ratings & Reviews

  1. chelsea campbell's rating of the film Girls Lost

    "Are you in love with him? Or do you just want to be like him?" Danggg. I mean I want to be a boy and I think boys are stupidly attractive and I also hate them Sooooo yuh

  2. Carambotti's rating of the film Girls Lost

    Clever Swedish coming of age, where a mysterious plant changes girls into boys for a night. Feelings are ruffled. Loved the three leads, unclear on the ending.

  3. Barış Akpınar's rating of the film Girls Lost

    Interesting dynamics throughout the movie, yet a deadlocked ending.

  4. Mugino's rating of the film Girls Lost

    The mad passions of adolescence and the search for gender and sexual identity told in an original, supernatural tale of 3 girls who are magically transformed into boys. It's a little overwrought, as teen dramas usually are, but the fluidity of the boy-girl transformations are extraordinary and should provoke a lot of discussion.'