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  1. Photo of Michael Lederer

    Michael Lederer Cast

  2. Photo of Dieter Ziegler

    Dieter Ziegler Cast

  3. Photo of Ulrike Willenbacher

    Ulrike Willenbacher Cast

  4. Photo of Barbara Grupe

    Barbara Grupe Cast

  5. Photo of Heiko Ruprecht

    Heiko Ruprecht Cast

  6. Photo of Claudia Colette

    Claudia Colette Cast

  7. Photo of Betty Lück

    Betty Lück Cast

  8. Photo of Uwe Schnabel

    Uwe Schnabel Cast

  9. Photo of Giagchoustistis Efthathos

    Giagchoustistis Efthathos Cast

  10. Photo of Karsten Gaul

    Karsten Gaul Cast

  11. Photo of Thees Klahn

    Thees Klahn Producer, Editing, Director Screenplay

  12. Photo of Erich Krenek

    Erich Krenek Producer, Editing Cinematography

  13. Photo of Maya Faber-Jansen

    Maya Faber-Jansen Producer