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  1. Photo of Thomas Jane

    Thomas Jane Cast

  2. Photo of Ving Rhames

    Ving Rhames Cast

  3. Photo of Elsa Pataky

    Elsa Pataky Cast

  4. Photo of Doug Hutchison

    Doug Hutchison Cast

  5. Photo of Leland Orser

    Leland Orser Cast

  6. Photo of French Stewart

    French Stewart Cast

  7. Photo of William Abadie

    William Abadie Cast

  8. Photo of Gregory Harrison

    Gregory Harrison Cast

  9. Photo of Eileen Ryan

    Eileen Ryan Cast

  10. Photo of Chris Yen

    Chris Yen Cast

  11. Photo of Russell Mulcahy

    Russell Mulcahy Director

  12. Photo of Mark Hosack

    Mark Hosack Screenplay

  13. Photo of Martin J. Barab

    Martin J. Barab Executive Producer

  14. Photo of Rich Cowan

    Rich Cowan Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Patricia Eberle

    Patricia Eberle Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Oscar Generale

    Oscar Generale Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Jeff Geoffray

    Jeff Geoffray Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Walter Josten

    Walter Josten Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Armand Speca

    Armand Speca Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Erik Anderson

    Erik Anderson Producer

  21. Photo of Johnny Martin

    Johnny Martin Producer

  22. Photo of Brian Oliver

    Brian Oliver Producer

  23. Photo of Richard Rionda Del Castro

    Richard Rionda Del Castro Producer

  24. Photo of Richard Salvatore

    Richard Salvatore Producer

  25. Photo of David C. Williams

    David C. Williams Music

  26. Photo of Jonathan Hall

    Jonathan Hall Cinematography

  27. Photo of Robert A. Ferretti

    Robert A. Ferretti Editing

  28. Photo of Vincent DeFelice

    Vincent DeFelice Production Design