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  1. Photo of Pascal-Alex Vincent

    Pascal-Alex Vincent Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Martin Drouot

    Martin Drouot Screenplay

  3. Photo of Olivier Nicklaus

    Olivier Nicklaus Screenplay

  4. Photo of Alexandre Carril

    Alexandre Carril Cast

  5. Photo of Victor Carril

    Victor Carril Cast

  6. Photo of Anaïs Demoustier

    Anaïs Demoustier Cast

  7. Photo of Samir Harrag

    Samir Harrag Cast

  8. Photo of Katrin Saß

    Katrin Saß Cast

  9. Photo of Fernando Ramallo

    Fernando Ramallo Cast

  10. Photo of Patrick Hauthier

    Patrick Hauthier Cast

  11. Photo of Maya Borker

    Maya Borker Cast

  12. Photo of Michel Grateau

    Michel Grateau Cast

  13. Photo of Alexis Kavyrchine

    Alexis Kavyrchine Cinematography

  14. Photo of Bernd Jestram

    Bernd Jestram Music

  15. Photo of Ronald Lippok

    Ronald Lippok Music

  16. Photo of Tarwater

    Tarwater Music

  17. Photo of Véronique Lamarche

    Véronique Lamarche Production Design

  18. Photo of Nicolas Brevière

    Nicolas Brevière Producer

  19. Photo of Dominique Petrot

    Dominique Petrot Editing

  20. Photo of Laurent Benaïm

    Laurent Benaïm Sound

  21. Photo of Laure Arto

    Laure Arto Sound

  22. Photo of Xavier Thibault

    Xavier Thibault Sound