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  1. Photo of Randy Savage

    Randy Savage Cast

  2. Photo of John Lasseter

    John Lasseter Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Chuck Williams

    Chuck Williams Producer

  4. Photo of Chris Williams

    Chris Williams Screenplay and Director

  5. Photo of Michael LaBash

    Michael LaBash Screenplay

  6. Photo of Dan Molina

    Dan Molina Editing

  7. Photo of Andrew Edward Harkness

    Andrew Edward Harkness Production Design

  8. Photo of Jon Brion

    Jon Brion Music

  9. Photo of Steven Hornby

    Steven Hornby Animation

  10. Photo of Joe Bowers

    Joe Bowers Animation

  11. Photo of Bob Davies

    Bob Davies Animation

  12. Photo of Steven J. Meyer

    Steven J. Meyer Animation

  13. Photo of Joe Sandstrom

    Joe Sandstrom Animation

  14. Photo of Scott Robideau

    Scott Robideau Animation

  15. Photo of Tony Smeed

    Tony Smeed Animation

  16. Photo of Rebecca Wilson Breese

    Rebecca Wilson Breese Animation

  17. Photo of Randy Thom

    Randy Thom Sound

  18. Photo of Gabriel Guy

    Gabriel Guy Sound