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  1. spasmolytic's rating of the film Gloria

    For sure not my favorite Cassavetes.

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Gloria

    N'en déplaise aux puristes, ce film est une rature malencontreusement primée à Venise !

  3. Jordan Kaltz's rating of the film Gloria

    phil is added to my list of the cutest kids in cinema history

  4. ermete polpette's rating of the film Gloria

  5. Mauro Pagano's rating of the film Gloria

  6. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Gloria

  7. bagno's rating of the film Gloria

    scritto malino qua e là, il finale è un insulto alla decenza

  8. Ronja's rating of the film Gloria

    beautiful opening credits promissed so much! and in the end left me dissapointed. i got quite puzzled by this film and its general weirdness, now when i think about it it's very Coen'ish in its postmodern play with the genre.. there is also some great dialogue and gena is TOUGH.

  9. Thomas's rating of the film Gloria

    Tough as she is in so many other ways, Rowlands is implausible as a gangster. The young boy steals the show here.

  10. CJG's rating of the film Gloria

    Somewhere between three and four stars.... Gena Rowlands is fantastic in this, I loved watching her. 1970s New York City grungy and real. Cassavetes films, for me, always go a little too far on the realism but the jeopardy sort of works in spite of the plot holes. The kid's dialogue is so adult..feels creepy and wrong. Gloria belongs to Gena Rowlands.

  11. deniz y.'s rating of the film Gloria

    all glorias these i know are all tough, indeed.

  12. Ark V's rating of the film Gloria

    Worth a watch in the context of a social commentary on sexes within the genre. Cassavetes involved work with the actors he works with, and Gena in this, keeps the film alive.

  13. Martin Jensen's rating of the film Gloria

    she could have left the kid and taken the cat :(

  14. Noëlle's rating of the film Gloria

    Wow! What an amazing film; I'm blown away

  15. raggiodisole's rating of the film Gloria

    average really. don't see much to set it apart from a number of other rightly forgotten potboilers.

  16. Jenny Coldpussy's rating of the film Gloria

    Maybe all the ridiculous gun fights and implausible plot twists were deliberate to heighten the absurdity of the violent, "strong man" figure that the media oversells, yuxtaposed with the violent love that emerges between a mother and a child (by blood or by circumstance), and is a source of true strength that is often overlooked... Or maybe Casavettes was drunk when he wrote it. It's hard to say.

  17. Sebastian Lock's rating of the film Gloria

    You have the late seventies fashion, New York neighborhoods, and Cassavetes' style but the fantastic Gena Rowlands as a sassy ex gun moll is what really makes this film worth watching. An alternative take on the gangster genre, a film with a heart of gold.

  18. Max Seqgar's rating of the film Gloria

    Was this Cassavetes answer to Kramer vs Kramer?... in his own twisted dreary way? It certainly deserves more praising, as it has an awesome plot and excellent acting... such expressiveness!! Loved it!!!

  19. st aga's rating of the film Gloria

    Primarily watched it for Gena and her supreme everything,though the child actor wasn't terrible I suppose. But what truly bothers me is the gaping unresolved plot point of Gloria's cat? I feel I have no closure now... then again, that's what comes with misplaced maternal instincts, perhaps not "every woman is a mother" after all? I'll stop now

  20. Superfrog's rating of the film Gloria

    Surprisingly good for a genre I have little sympathy for. I really enjoy and I'll have something to answer when asked what my favourite gangster film is.

  21. Ross's rating of the film Gloria

    The opening credits sequence is one of my favourite ever (even if it's since been copied ad infinitum) and Rowlands is incredible.

  22. DarleenisHOME!'s rating of the film Gloria

    Graceful. C'est ma boule à neige pour New York en 1980..

  23. tintinmugshot's rating of the film Gloria

    Gena Rowlands, fantastic, don't save it alone. TERRIBLE movie.

  24. alimcintyre's rating of the film Gloria

    Great performance by Gena Rowlands but the child was quite unable to act. Even when he wasn't speaking his performance was stilted which spoilt the film for me. Four stars nonetheless.

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