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  1. Photo of Donovan Leitch Jr.

    Donovan Leitch Jr. Cast

  2. Photo of Edward Zwick

    Edward Zwick Director

  3. Photo of Pieter Jan Brugge

    Pieter Jan Brugge Producer

  4. Photo of Sarah Caplan

    Sarah Caplan Producer

  5. Photo of Freddie Fields

    Freddie Fields Producer

  6. Photo of P.K. Fields

    P.K. Fields Producer

  7. Photo of Ray Herbeck Jr.

    Ray Herbeck Jr. Producer

  8. Photo of Kevin Jarre

    Kevin Jarre Screenplay

  9. Photo of Freddie Francis

    Freddie Francis Cinematography

  10. Photo of Matthew Broderick

    Matthew Broderick Cast

  11. Photo of Denzel Washington

    Denzel Washington Cast

  12. Photo of Cary Elwes

    Cary Elwes Cast

  13. Photo of Morgan Freeman

    Morgan Freeman Cast

  14. Photo of Steven Rosenblum

    Steven Rosenblum Editing

  15. Photo of Norman Garwood

    Norman Garwood Production Design

  16. Photo of James Horner

    James Horner Music

  17. Photo of Francine Jamison-Tanchuck

    Francine Jamison-Tanchuck Costume Design

  18. Photo of Jihmi Kennedy

    Jihmi Kennedy Cast

  19. Photo of Andre Braugher

    Andre Braugher Cast

  20. Photo of John Finn

    John Finn Cast

  21. Photo of JD Cullum

    JD Cullum Cast

  22. Photo of Alan North

    Alan North Cast

  23. Photo of Bob Gunton

    Bob Gunton Cast

  24. Photo of Cliff De Young

    Cliff De Young Cast

  25. Photo of Christian Baskous

    Christian Baskous Cast

  26. Photo of RonReaco Lee

    RonReaco Lee Cast

  27. Photo of Jay O. Sanders

    Jay O. Sanders Cast

  28. Photo of Richard Riehle

    Richard Riehle Cast

  29. Photo of Mark Margolis

    Mark Margolis Cast

  30. Photo of Jane Alexander

    Jane Alexander Cast